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Gregg Schaafsman and Dale Shrank at Greenfield High School

Early in 2004, swim coach Dale Shrank asked carpenter Gregg Schaafsman to build four storage bins for pool equipment at the local high school. Dale wanted those bins to be able to support people sitting on them. Having been around swimming pools most of his life, Gregg knew that the high humidity, chlorine, water, and usage by students would all require a robust design if the bins were going to last any length of time.

Through Gregg's combined expertise in carpentry, computers, business and locating materials of the highest quality and best suited for the needs of the environment, the first order of 4 benches was produced in February, 2004. We are proud to say those 4 benches are still in use today.

We have added numerous features and options and our business has grown, but all Bonkers products continue to be designed and constructed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin using green (recycled or recyclable) materials.

We pride ourselves in offering the most durable, weather resistant, lockable storage and seating benches available. You may never need to replace your Bonkers Bench.

People have said, "that's bonkers... your customers will never need to buy another one if the first one lasts forever."

That's okay. We're happy if you're happy.

Gregg Schaafsman

Rich in features and appearance, Bonkers Benches have become the bench of choice for many organizations around the world.